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Commission rate : 15%

gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper14lultfckehtszvzw4ehu0apvsr77afvyju5zzy 10000uatom --from yourKey --gas auto --gas-prices 0.001uatom
Security dispather with 24/7 presence to register visitors based on ID's, biometric register.
Armed guard cell situated at the Data Center entrance with a 24/7 presence.
We run multiple validators, with the same key, at the same time, in multiple geographically distributed data centers.
Security revolving door with double authentication, equipped with proximity reader for RFID cards and biometrical authentication in 2 ways, to allow access on the other side of a single person at a time (weight control) and video monitoring of Data Center areas.


Electrical system through two different paths supplied through 2N redundant diesel generators.
Both Data Centers are connected redundantly, through multiple fiber optic connections, networks of national and international suppliers, which ensures very high bandwidth capabilities.
Unlimited enterprise-grade protection against Layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks.


  • 99.982% Guaranteed Availability - Tier3 Certified TIA-942 Datacenter.
  • 2000 Mbps bandwidth within national acces and 2000 Mbps bandwidth international access with DarkFiber upgrade availability.
  • The Data Center is protected against fire with an inert gas discharge system. We are also equiped with with a fire detection and extinguishing system equiped with sensors that can provide information about the place where fire was detected and triggering automatic operation if needed and a separate room for fire extinguishing cylinders.


  • The servers are installed in dedicated racks, connected on two fully redundant electric circuits, with seismic protection.
  • For high efficiency, power lines systems are monitored, air temperature and humidity is controlled and stabilized and entire facility is monitored with video surveillance.